Ashtanga Yoga

Is a practice of meditation in movement where the Tristhana method is used; which is the combination of postures, breathing and focus of the gaze.

Ashtanga Yoga is taught through Parampara: the transmission of knowledge from teacher to disciple.

What is Mysore style?

Mysore is the name of the city of India in which Ashtanga Yoga was born and the Mysore style is the traditional way of learning this method.

The style approach is highly personalized and takes place in a group. You learn the method at your own pace while you are immersed in the energy of the group.

The instructor will work with each student individually in the postures that require assistance.

What can you expect from your first Mysore class?

Learn a sequence of postures through specific instructions such as how to breathe, the alignment of the body among other aspects. This method is based on memorization and mastery of what has been taught before moving forward. 

Why is there no music?

Ashtanga yoga aims to provide you with a space to focus on developing self-practice. To focus on your meditation in movement, in your breathing, in your alignment, this is why there is no music in Ashtanga classes.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga:

Feel the difference in your body, mind and attitude.

* Improves flexibility.
* Increases muscle strength.
* Improves cardiovascular health.
* Detoxifies the body
* Reduces stress and anxiety.
* Increases focus and creativity.
* Lowers blood pressure
* Improves memory
* Clarifies the mind
* Develops self-awareness

Learn Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional way, as taught by my guru Sharath R. Jois, in Mysore, India.

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All levels are welcome even if you have never done yoga before!