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As time passes and technology advances it seems like we have less and less time available to do all the things we want to do. With our fast paced lives, trying to maintain balance can be difficult, if not impossible. I get it! I too like Sisyphus and his boulder, have gotten to a point of balance only to fall right out of it and feel frustrated. 

But what if we could break that boulder instead of pushing it up the hill? What if we could prevent the frustration? What if we could maintain balance? What if we could learn to take care of ourselves and avoid low energy levels, cravings, stress, and even insomnia? What if we could change small things little by little in our lives and help ourselves stay healthier longer so we can focus on what really matters to us? To live happy, productive and fulfilling lives. 

The problem is that we as human beings have many facets of our lives that should be taken care of and because of lack of time, lack of rest, money and other factors we are unable to always find balance. 

For a very long time I have wanted to better my overall quality of life, to do something that can make a difference in others and use my talents to make it happen but I didn’t know how. 

Thirteen years ago, I found yoga and it has changed how I see myself and the world. Now I found health coaching which has changed the way I see all aspects of life. Work life, relationships, physical health, nutrition, spirituality among others. They’re all interconnected! All aspects can nurture us but they can hinder us if they are not in harmony. So how do we balance these aspects of our lives? 


My father once told me that each aspect of one’s life is like a beach ball on the sand. Imagine one ball represents your relationships, another one represents your work life, a third one is your spirituality, a fourth one your physical health, your emotional health, and so on.

Each day we have the task of moving each beach ball forward on the bumpy sand and try to make sure they are all aligned to find the balance and happiness we desire in our lives. 

“How do I do this?” you might ask. It’s hard work, I’m not going to lie! But its possible with self-inquiry and developing more self- awareness. 


The purpose of a health coach is to have a mentor. A person who motivates you to make positive health choices. Someone to teach you, support you and empower you to achieve your health goals by guiding you to slowly make lifestyle and behavioral changes that will last. A health coach will hold you accountable and will help you figure out what is right and unique about you and your body. 


Adding yoga to the mix will help you find balance because yoga supports your body’s health, balances your nervous system, calms and stabilizes your mind and curbs your emotions; therefore your visceral negative reactions towards those around you will diminish. 

With a sustained practice over time, yoga helps you be more self-aware and you’ll become more aware of your surroundings too. Your attitude towards your environment changes to a more compassionate one. Applying breathing techniques learned with the practice of yoga can help you calm your nervous system which translates into better relationships, more patience and acceptance of the world around us and any situations that might arise. 

Integrative nutrition health coaching and yoga will help you own your power to control and balance all aspects of your life. It will help you focus on your well being as a whole. This is why I have decided to be a health coach and practice it along with yoga. I am passionate about yoga, food and just overall well-being so I want to share with you all I have learned and add a bit of positive to people’s lives.

So tell me… What do you struggle with? What is hard to balance for you in your life? How have you tried to balance all aspects of your life? What has and hasn’t worked? Please comment below, I’d love to read you!

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