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Maria Elisa foto

"I wanted to incorporate yoga in my life and a close friend recommended Patty as the best. My objectives were spiritual, endurance and flexibility, therefore Ashtanga was the perfect practice for me. Classes have been personalized, fun and each one with an accomplishment. I'm happy to have met Patty, I love how she makes you fall in love with the practice and you wish to learn more and more"

Dr. Maria Elisa Dejuane
Ana Melissa Correa

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since I started yoga with Patty is understanding my body a lot more, like improving my posture. Patty is the best there is in the Latin American region. Not only for her dedication and principles, but for her experience and her judgment.

Ana Melissa Correa

"I'm sensitive to gluten and I didn't know it! During my coaching sessions with Patty, we discovered it through an elimination diet which has helped me tremendously. Patty guided me through the elimination of gluten by teaching me what I can and cannot eat. She gave me recipes and ideas to live a gluten-free life. She also taught me breathing techniques to manage my stress and we have explored ideas of how to implement different options to exercise more. I recommend Patty because she is a responsible person, she really cares about her clients issues and helps implement the changes to find balance and wellness."

Laura Serota
Interior Designer

I recover a normal menstrual cycle thanks to a hormonal balancing diet and stress management program with Patty. I was relieved that acne and my weight were under control and not like passed experiences. Thanks to her holistic approach, I could start to organize my financial life and start to create a personal entrepreneurial project related with science, one of my biggest passions. I would recommend Patty to anybody who wants to improve their wellbeing in their life or wants to start by a specific aspect: health, food, financial life.

Catalina Duran
Veronica buruyides

Before I started yoga with Patty, I lacked technique and didn’t understand the postures as she explains it to you. The biggest change I have noticed since I started is correcting many postures like chaturangas. I got Marichasana D (I'm still working on that) and definitely daring to do Sirsasana even better. I would recommend Patty because she is a demanding, good vibe, professional and technical teacher.

Veronica Buruyides
Graphic designer

My top three goals upon starting the program were to learn about what foods make up a healthy meal, explore new foods, ingredients and flavors and to cook my own food. I'm cooking the 80% of my meals at home using the food groups throughout the day. Now I'm aware about the importance of limiting added sugars, saturated fat and sodium. I'm no longer afraid to cook and I have been creative in the kitchen. Patty is so dedicated to each process, she is able to understand personal needs and encouraged you to achieve your goals.

Silvia Torres
HR Senior Professional
Michelle Ochoa

My biggest tangible change during the coaching program with Patty has been to restart my yoga practice, accept the loss of a loved one and be able to move to the next phase. The most significant change has been to learn how to manage my anxiety. Patty is Yin/ Yang. She is sweet and firm, hard and soft. She is so dedicated to her coachees that she inspires you to really commit to her recommendations.

Michelle Ochoa
Marketing Specialist

"Patty listens, she listens very carefully at your true beating so she makes sure that she adapts and adjusts the sessions to you, your personality and your action plan (your north start along the journey). Patty also makes you ´feel´ out of the box, that is right, feel not just think. She has a way of helping you circumvent any roadblock so you can get where you want to go in a fun and lighter way. The most significant change I am able to testify up to the date is acquired a new sense of consciousness, awakeness of my life, of myself, of my time to make the best of it for a healthier and a more purposeful life."

Beatriz D.


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